Friday, August 14, 2009


Otakon 2009 Cosplay commentary video


Otakon '09

Well, even tho it is verrrry late, (mostly due to me not getting off my lazy ass) we did do and Otakon coverage, so if you still care, have a gander at it.

Here ya are

We also commented on the cosplay, as well as several other happenings. Check thenm out below.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Gode Geass review

NOOOOO!!! POOR TABLE-KUN!!! RUN, TABLE-KUN, RUN!!! The wold would be a better place if less tables were raped. Anyway,for the first time ever, all three of the members at 3JP do a review on Code Geass. We laughed we cried (well, Brie and i did) and Spiral pulled out a can of whoop ass. If you care to be spoiled, you can watch the show, however, i must warn you, this will ruin the whole series for you, so procede w/ caution.

Download link.

Or listen here (sorry for the uggly player)

The opening is World's End, by FLOW (man i love that song).