Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Anime Impressions

With all the awesome (and not awesome) anime that's been released this season, we felt we had to talk about it. So without further dely, we have finished our Summer Anime impressions ep. We talk about what's good, whats alright, and whats not. We mainly spend a lot of time talking about the big three this season (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, CANNAN, and Bakemonogatari) but we managed to talk about some other anime as well.

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Songs this podcast are:
Stable Staple - Bakemonogatari op1
Tsuki Akari - Darker than Black ed

if you liked this episode, then let us know. Mail us at 3JapanophileProdutions. We would love to hear from you, that way we know we aren't just talking to ourselves, that we actually entertain people or something along those lines.